This beautiful, Super Tuscan blend is crafted in the Governo style. 20% of the grapes are set back to dry with skins on while the rest of the wine starts the fermentation process. 2 months later those grapes are crushed and added for a second fermentation process. This enhances the wine and adds to its complexity and velvety texture.

GRAPES: 70% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Alcohol: 13%

FOOD PAIRING: Red meats and Red Sauce Pasta



This 100% organic certified wine is a beautiful, sparkling blend of Chardonnay &

Sauvignon Blanc. It is medium dry with good acid. The flavors are of baked red apple, citrus marmalade & pear. It is a perfect wine & presentation for occasions such as weddings, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or just because. The metal label is also a removable keepsake.



A 100% Sangiovese that is luscious and jammy. It is medium bodied with flavors of dark cherry, dates, blackberry, leather and spices. Certified Organic.



Since it exclusively contains delicate Sangiovese grapes, Cardisco is the truest test of our craftsmen’s artful touch. In fact, they spent decades experimenting with over 500 micro-fermentations to perfectly tailor our process to the soil and climate within our vineyard. Furthermore, while similar wines settle for a three-year maturation, we wait an extra year-because patience is a virtue that yields delicious depth. The young wine is aged for two years in steel containers, where it is decanted three times. Then, Cardisco receives its signature woody notes by maturing in new American or French Oak for a full 18 months. Finally, the wine is bottled and left to rest for six to eight months prior to release. The result is a

full-bodied, world-class wine that is so well crafted, it could last 20 years or more­ but who can resist its siren song for that long?



With an intense ruby color and delicate, fruity aroma, Chianti Colli stands out as a superior Chianti, even in a region where exceptional Chianti is as abundant as fresh air. In fact, our Chianti is one of only a handful formally honored as “Titolato,” or a D.O.C .G. wine. To ensure we always meet this standard of excellence, only our finest vintages bear the Chianti Colli name. Made from a blend of Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Mammolo grapes, it is authentic Chianti,

made with traditional methods­ including our utilization of concrete containers, in addition to our modern steel vessels. As the wine matures within the concrete tanks for two years or more, the ideal temperature control is provided by nature herself The result is a rare and noble Chianti with a well-balanced flavor that is so finely tuned, it stores for up to 12 years­ well beyond the average Chianti.



A lusciously decadent dessert wine, Vinsanto features a rich, amber color with a

concentrated aroma of dried figs, walnuts and candied fruit. This delightful confection is created from a mixture of Malvasia, Trebbiano, San Colombano and Sangiovese grapes that we dry under the warm, Tuscan sunshine for five months . The dried grapes, which are more like plump raisins, are then pressed and immediately placed in wooden “caratelli” barrels. Every barrel is hewn from five different woods, each of which contributes a different shading of flavor,

ranging from apricot to caramel. The sealed caratelli remain undisturbed under the eaves of our attic for six to eight years, where the natural fluctuations of the seasons expertly influence the fermentation. When completed, this time- honored art yields a dessert wine of unparalleled sophistication that compresses the flavor of 30 pounds of grapes into every rare and precious bottle.